INDY Mission Definition reviewed and approved at 2nd INDY ALL PARTNERS event in Ede, The Netherlands

INDY 2nd All partners event – Group foto, Photographer: Paul Sijm, Mindef NL

The 2nd INDY ALL PARTNERS event, titled “Boosting Synergies”, was held from 20th and 22nd September 2023 at the Field Lab Smart Base defence innovation facility in Ede, The Netherlands.

The event brought together more than 80 experts from project partners and Ministries of Defence from participating countries in the project. The gathering offered an invaluable forum for focused discussions on project execution, knowledge sharing, and network-building.

Importantly, the event signalled a crucial milestone: the INDY End-User Advisory Board (EAB) evaluated and approved the INDY project’s Mission Definition, thus harmonising the perspectives of all project partners on forthcoming activities and deliverables, as set out in the INDY Roadmap 2030-2050.

The event was hosted and organised by the Royal Netherlands Army, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and TECES as the INDY project coordinator.

A major triumph of the event was the successful validation of the INDY Mission Definition by the INDY End-User Advisory Board (EAB), which seamlessly built upon the Initial Common Requirements. This validation acted as a resounding endorsement of the INDY project’s specific aims and objectives. The EAB members’ active participation, representing Ministries of Defence and project partners, was instrumental in forging a shared consensus on the INDY Roadmap.

The programme spanned three days and comprised various sessions. The first day kicked off with notable keynote speeches, a review of the INDY Mission Definition, an evaluation of outcomes from the dedicated Work Packages, and a tour of the Field Lab Smart Base.

The final third day wrapped up with intensive working group sessions on Hydrogen, the Energy Mix, and Risk Mitigation, steered by work package leaders.

As the event concluded, attendees left with enhanced knowledge, invaluable networking connections, and a collective resolve to further the INDY project’s objectives. The sustained collaboration and dedication among INDY stakeholders will continue to propel advancements in the energy transition within defence and security infrastructure.

As the event concluded, participants departed with enriched knowledge, valuable networking connections, and a unified commitment to advance the INDY project’s goals. The enduring collaboration and dedication among the INDY stakeholders will drive further achievements in advancing the energy transition in defence and security infrastructure.

The next event, the 3rd INDY ALL PARTNERS meeting, will be organised in Grenoble, France, in March 2024.

CAFA ROLE in the INDY project

CAFA leads the Training and Documentation in the INDY project.We develop specialized training programs for stakeholders, focusing on military transfer assessments and bolstering the Critical Components Testing phase.

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