CAFA Tech is Estonian robotics company which develops:

Off-the-grid 24/7 Charging Stations for robots and drones. Electricity is produced by CAFA Geothermal Heat to Electric Converter (Geo-HEC) system.

Mobile robot CAFA Worker for autonomous or teleoperated outdoor tasks: logistics, construction, agriculture, and ground maintenance.

Cellular drones that are controlled via 5G mobile communication at a distance of up to 100 km in teleoperation mode or that perform autonomous logistics tasks.

AI Training Centre (AI-TC), which allows training the AI of sensors with anonymized data. AI-TC has a synthetic data generation module that enables the preparation of synthetic data with parameters set by the supervisor.

Defense technologies in the fields of Radars and Uncrewed Vehicles (UAV, UGV, UUV) to protect people, companies and countries.